JKS Roof renovations specialises in Roof Repairs


JKS Roof renovations specialises in Roof Repairs, Water Proofing, High Pressure Cleaning, Rust Removal and Complete Roof Re-spraying. We work on Domestic homes and Commercial Buildings. We do work on all types of roofing, IBR Roof Sheets, Corrugated Iron, Slate or Ceramic Tiles.

Fact: Most home owners and building owners forget about their roofing until the roof starts to leak. Chances are the roof is now in a serious state of neglect and replacement of roof sheets or tiles is necessary. Corrosion normally sets in if they are IBR or Corrugated Iron galvanised sheets and most sheets will probably need to be replaced. Ceramic tiles also absorb dust and dirt. This is what causes tiles to crack and break. This usually becomes a very costly affair that could have been prevented.

IBR and Corrugated Galvanized Iron roof sheets should be high pressure cleaned and inspected at least every 3 years. A rust prevention solution should be applied to areas where corrosion is starting to appear and the roofing sheets should be re-sprayed every 5 years to extend life span.

Ceramic and Slate tiled roofing also need to be high pressure cleaned and inspected every 3 years. This type of roofing should also be re-sprayed at least every 6 years to extend life span.

A problem that is an often occurrence is owners hire cheap labour and a coat of paint is applied over their roofing sheets. This temporarily hides the surface corrosion on galvanised sheets and traps dirt in on Ceramic and Slate tiles. This will speed up the corrosion process on Galvanised sheeting and by trapping in dirt and dust in Ceramic and Slate tiles it will make them more brittle and prone to breaking.

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